Customer Testimonials

I cannot begin to tell you how professional Sun Custom Homes are. We've been in our home for eight months. You know that punch list -- when they come in and fix mistakes after you move in, well you won't have one if Sun builds your home. The integrity, attention to detail, design and priority of making your dreams come to fruition is the goal at Sun Custom Homes. I have had the chance to compare homes being built around me now by others, and I cannot say enough how stellar Sun's homes are. This company-hands down is far superior. I am in awe, at some of the other construction. The lack of design and poor workmanship. I do not intend for this to sound negative, but it is so true. Please shop around. Compare! What I have said, I know you'll agree and you as well will want the Sun Team to build your home. We feel very fortunate to have found Sun Custom Homes...A special thank you to Kurt, Steve, Jerry and Kim. Always professional, always prompt to correct a problem or misunderstanding. If you have ever built a home before you know it can become a nightmare. Well rest easy...It was almost fun... :). Not your typical building experience. This testimony comes from a very discerning woman...That is obsesses with detail...I am very happy, you will be too! What a pleasure!

Richard and Billie Byers

Working with Sun Custom Homes has truly been one of the best experiences of our lives. Every single member of the team was exceptional to work with. They all listened to our wants and needs and worked together to put our beautiful home together. We never felt hesitant to call or ask questions regarding the house which made the building process that much more enjoyable. The entire team at Sun Custom Homes was very personable and they always made us feel like their priority. We highly recommend Sun Custom Homes to anyone looking to build. We have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home and are loving every minute of it! We are so proud to say we have a Sun Custom Home!

Chase and Whitney Sandburg

Kurt Dinnes' passion about homebuilding is secondary only to his caring about people. He has formed a team of shared minds that make sure you are totally aware of everything involved in what is often times a stressful undertaking. I was amazed by the professionalism, caring, and pride that was taken in every aspect of the build of our beautiful new home. Steve James was an absolute pleasure to work with and always kept us informed, gaining clarity where needed. I will build another home, and it will be with Sun Custom Homes.

Adam and Jessica Ward

Since our first encounter with Kurt Dinnes and the staff at Sun Custom Homes, our expectations were met and exceeded. It truly was a great experience. Our initial conversations about building a home, all the way through the planning and construction phases, showed us why Sun Custom Homes was the best choice for a quality home with attention to detail at an affordable price. We love our home and never imagined it could be so beautiful. It honestly is a dream come true. Thank you Kurt, Jerry and especially Steve for all your hard work and making our home the best it could be.

Eric and Angela Hamilton

For our first home building experience we were nervous about finding the right builder for us. After meeting with several contractors, we were blown away by the professionalism and customer service of Kurt and the Sun Custom staff. Kurt and Jerry took the time during the planning process to listen to our needs and come up with a house plan that was perfect for us. During the building process we were lucky enough to get to work with Steve who was always friendly and on top of things every time we called. He was very patient and willing to answer our "silly" questions that we had as first time home buyers. The finished product speaks for itself. Everyone who has come to visit can't get over how beautiful our Sun Custom home is. They have continued to service our needs even after we have moved in and we would recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.

Matt and Jordyn Prince

We are so happy with our Sun Custom Home. While building a home can be stressful, Sun worked with us every step of the way to ensure we got just what we wanted. If there was ever an issue, it was resolved quickly and appropriately. There is no question that Sun builds high quality homes. We were impressed with the owner's attention to detail and design expertise. We would absolutely recommend using Sun to build your dream home. They made our dream a reality!

Brad and Courtney Thomas

Working with Sun Custom Homes was great! They were able to make a beautiful home for us. We loved the help we received from Kurt on designs and enjoyed working with Jeff. Both of them were always on top of any concern that we may have had.

Chris & Amy Clark

We really enjoyed building our home with Sun Custom Homes. They were very accommodating to the unique style we wanted. Any changes we wanted were easily made. Anything that came up they were right on top of it! They made our exsperience enjoyable. We would highly recommend Sun Custom Homes to others!

Lindsey and Cory Givens

Melissa and I have had a wonderful experience building our new custom home. From the very beginning of the process, everyone at Sun demonstrated a high level of respect and customer service. They are truly focused on sharing the vision for your dream home and then working hard to execute the plan to make it a reality. Everyone we worked with showed great attention to detail and the desire to always "get it right", even in the small things. Steve always kept us well-informed and promptly addressed any questions we had, no matter how small they may have sounded. When we needed advice or a design recommendation, Kurt's feedback was invaluable. In the end, the final product is a beautiful and quality home that we are thrilled to call our own. Everyone likely knows a story or two about how difficult or stressful a complete custom home build process can be. However, we can say without a doubt that working with a team of professionals like those at Sun Custom Homes made the process as smooth as it could possibly be. We are so glad we chose Sun as our home builder and we would not hesitate to recommend them in the future. Thank you Kurt, Steve, Jerry, Kim, and the rest of the Sun team—we love our new home! Thank you, Stephen Peterson

Melissa & Stephen Peterson

Sun Custom Homes built a special custom home for us. The process seemed long because of raining constantly and changing the plans to accommodate my aging mother. Every one of Sun Custom's crew were professional but very happy to help us. They earnestly wanted to make us happy. My husband was impressed with the top quality products they use in all of their homes. Our home is a perfect accommodation for me, Charles and mom. Thank you Sun Custom for making this dream home a reality and being so nice during the building of our gorgeous home.

Charles and Vera Hudson

To whom it may concern,

My building experience with Sun Custom Homes was nothing short of fantastic. The relationship I developed with Kurt was one built on integrity and trust. He made it possible to have an affordable home of the upmost distinction.

From the start, I knew Sun Custom Homes was unlike any other firm. I endured looking at numerous other custom builders before finding a home Kurt had built. There is not only a true difference you can see visually, but far beyond the naked eye. Not only did he provide a high-end product, but took the time to educate me on how to appreciate the SUN difference. During the design phase, it was amazing how the ideas in suggestions from Kurt came to life in my new home that really made my experience special. I repeatedly am still left speechless by the unmatched details throughout the entire house! Nothing was overlooked, and it defines Old World European everywhere you look.

We expected some inconvenience during our build simply due to the fact that we started from the ground up. However, the Sun team always minimized any inconvenience through conference calls, faxes and emails. Very little communication if any with the subcontractors was required due to the stand alone professionalism of Kurt, Keith and Steve. They were always available to present and offer valuable input. Many times throughout our build, Kurt offered thoughtful suggestions that surprised and delighted us. The possibilities are endless in your custom home if you work with these guys!

The quality and workmanship of Sun Custom Homes is unsurpassed. They are perfectionists and always delivered exactly what we wanted. Any minor common issues expected with a new home that we ran into, they did not hesitate to take care of the problem - at their expense.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Kurt and feels as if we made some friends along the way. I would not build with anyone else. If you or anyone you know is considering buying or building a home - look no further! Go with Sun Custom Homes, and you will be able to come home to so much more than you ever expected. Thank you so much, all of you at SUN.

Nick D'Aniello

We absolutely Love our Sun Custom Home! I do not even know where to begin to talk about my home - it is so very beautiful and I get compliments on just how unique it is!

We were moving to the Oklahoma area and investigating different home builders when my husband came across Sun. We called and made an appointment to see their homes and Keith showed us a home that made us look at every other home differently after our meeting. I started noticing homes that had finished roofs and those that did not. I drove in my own neighborhood in San Antonio looking at the homes and noticing what the builders did right and what they did wrong. How could I learn so much in just one meeting with Keith?

Keith and Kurt showed us a passion for homes that just wet our appetite to build our own Sun Custom Home. The workmanship and attention to detail that goes into every home they build continues to amaze and impress us. So, we decided we wanted to go with Sun Custom but everything was not smooth sailing - Keith and Kurt made the transition as seamless as possible by working with us every step of the way. We had a problem with the financing but Keith talked to us and gave us options, and showed us that they were for us. Honestly, their commitment to us impressed us more than anything. I was determined to get a Sun Custom Home and they were just as tenacious in making sure we were happy.

We had never built a home before and let me tell you right now what I am most impressed with from this whole process - we would say along the way, I would love to have a fireplace outside, or I love that Rob Keys door, or I saw this walk-in shower on TV and it is so nice - just comments that we made when talking to Keith- when we got the plans for our home he incorporated the things we said we liked! We were constantly amazed at how they listened to us. We did not see them write these things down and yet our home is a combination of what my husband wanted and what I wanted in a home. I still do not know how they did that! (On a side note- even my closet in my bedroom has all the things that I said I wanted! The trim guy is Amazing!) The lady at the granite place was helpful and the cabinet people were so thorough. I wish I could name everyone that had a hand in my home but I would have the longest letter ever so let me just say every company they work with is top-notch and they know their business. It was an adventure going from place to place and choosing the items for my home. My husband may not have enjoyed every part of it the way I did but the people at the businesses helped him out by being understanding and letting him know that some ladies have to talk it all out before they can make a decision! Ha, Ha!

I can not finish this note without saying something about Steve! Steve was the go-to guy on our home. He helped us with ordering things for our home, having plumbing fixtures installed, any issues or problems we had along the way. There were so many things I did not know about a custom home and I needed advice so I would text Steve and he would answer all of my weird questions and help me out. I know I was probably a nuisance but Steve never acted as though I was! He gave me suggestions, ideas, and help, and whenever we encountered an issue he was quick to address and fix the issues. What an amazing team of homebuilders! I could not be more pleased with my whole experience.

My husband and I agree that if we ever were going to build another home in OK we would definitely get Sun Custom to build our next home. Whatever your price range they can build you a special home that will be beautiful and functional for your style of life.

Thank You All So Very Much!

Kevin and Benita West

Working with Sun Custom Homes on the building of my new home was the best decision I made. They helped guide me through all the decisions you must make with the least amount of stress. I never knew how many things you must make choices on until I decided on a custom home. The guys made it easy, although I probably stressed them. Thank you Steve, Keith and Kurt for all your help and guidance and all the crews you used to make my dream home become a reality.

Jimmie Darnell

Thank you SO much for building our families dream home!

Sun Custom Homes is truly top notch when it comes to building a custom home. My husband and I searched and researched so many other home builders. I ran across the Sun Custom Homes website and was immediately intrigued by everything I saw and read. At first I thought that we wounldn't be able to afford such amazing craftsmanship (you get what you pay for) in the home we wanted to build but, after contacting Sun Custom Homes and speaking with Keith I was reassured that they could make it happen. My husband and I didn't waste any time and made a consultation to meet them and discuss what we desired in the home we wanted to build. Kurt and Keith spoke to us for three hours about everything they could do and then some to build us our dream home. They were extremely patient but, honestly I was mostly impressed with their enthusiasm. They were so quick to catch on to exactly what we had in mind and just added to the excitement. It's already exciting to build your dream home but, when your builder is just as excited, that makes for such a great feeling and makes the whole experience even more surreal.

We were concerned about all of the things we wanted for our home but, Kurt and Keith personally sat down with us for as long as we needed and broke down every dollar amount to make our dream home a reality. We told them our budget and they respectfully never went over it. They magically made our dreams come true while staying true to our budget, unless WE decided to add more.

I can positively say without a doubt the Sun Custom Homes team are nothing short of AMAZING! The ideas they have and the time they put into every project is nothing like a typical builder. They go ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure that you are not only happy with the turn out but also 100% satisfied.

Our project supervisor, Jerry, put in long hours at our home to make sure that everything was up to par and done in a timely fashion. Not, only did he oversee our home project but, he also accompanied me to help pick out things that I was unsure of. I would sometimes get an idea and would call or text not realizing the time, and he always responded back quickly and reassured me that I could contact him if I ever had a question at any time. I think its EXTREMELY important to trust your builder and the team. We not only gained a trust for them ALL but, they seemed to be like family. People told us that building a house would be one of the most stressful things we would ever do...Not for us!!! It was exciting, relaxing and surreal! I can truly say the reason why we enjoyed every moment was because of the builders we chose. Sun Custom Homes is a diamond in the rough company. You are the lucky ones if you chose them to build your home!

Because of the wonderful experience and the respectful devotion from Sun Custom Homes, we are without a doubt living in our dream home. Our home by far exceeds our expectations of the idea we had. Kurt, Keith and Jerry made it happen! I also loved the little extras they added to give our home those final little touches that made such a big difference. We have such a QUALITY home that was built by a QUALITY TEAM. Everyday I wake up still thinking "I can't believe this is actually ours". I will refer anybody that is looking to build a home to Sun Custom Homes. People deserve good quality and workmanship in their home without being robbed or feeling like they are a nuisance to their builder. Sun Custom Homes will deliver what is deserved in your home and will NOT disappoint!


Tyler and Randa Crafton

Dear Sun Custom Homes,

My wife and I would like to say Thank you to Kurt, Keith, Steve and the entire Sun Custom Homes crew for our beautiful house. You guys have gone way above and beyond what we had expected. I am amazed at the quality of work and the artistic focus that you have given to our house. I am so happy that we agreed to give you free reign with the design and building because it looks better than anything that we could have dreamt of. From the amazing floors and granite counter tops to the crown molding and custom cabinets, it is evident that every detail has been addressed. The old world look and style are timeless. I feel it is truly a one of a kind masterpiece in which I am privileged to raise my family.

Wayne and Kristi Williams

We appreciate the attention to detail and personal attention from Kurt and Keith in the design of our home. It is very evident that SUNs goal is to make every customer happy and to build a quality home of distinction.

We also appreciated Jerry and his weekly effort (meeting with us) to ensure that our home was being built to our satisfaction. Communication is key in homebuilding and important to SUN.

Finally, SUN stands out with service after the sale. We were very impressed with SUN providing 30 day, 6 month and 11 month punch lists for us to complete.

We would definitely build another home with SUN , but we do not need to!

Byron and Christy Cate

We found Sun Custom Homes while touring their Parade Home in October of 2010. We had been looking at building for quite some time, and as soon as I stepped foot into Sun's home I knew we had found our builder. There was just something special about the craftsmanship and attention to detail...we hadn't seen any other homes quite like theirs.

We began the building process shortly after that first visit. I was a little apprehensive because I had heard how grueling and stressful the building process could be. The experience with Sun Custom Homes, however, was anything but that. Kurt and his attention to detail made choosing the interior designs of our home so exciting. Keith worked hard to get us the home we wanted while still sticking to our original budget, and Lance made sure to get the job done.

We have been in our home since April (right on schedule, I might add) and we absolutely love everything about it. Even though the building process is complete, Sun Custom Homes did not just wash their hands of us. We have kept in close contact with them, and they have made sure to correct any small problems that we might find along the way. It was, and continues to be a pleasure working with them to build our beautiful home.

Thank you, Sun Custom Homes, for building us this beautiful home to raise our family in. We feel so blessed.

Chad and Andrea Cobble

Carol Ann Place Looks like an address right. But the truth is, this is my new home. Do I love my home? Yes Did I get a good deal? Most certainly Would I do it again? You bet Am I satisfied? Without a doubt Would I recommend Sun Custom Homes? That answer will take a little longer. I believe when you meet Kurt Dinnes you will quickly figure out that he is passionate about building exceptional homes. Integrity, honesty, quality and client focused this is my experience with the Sun Custom Homes team.

Sun Custom Homes is dedicated to building your dream home.

Jack and Sherrie Carlin


First of all I just wanted to say that Brad and I just left the house and it looks beautiful, I mean WOW! I am very impressed with the way everything is turning out.

Keith- I kept looking at our master bathroom and I couldn't help but remember how much we changed the floor plan, including adding a separate space for the toilet, and separate vanities. You spent a lot of time making sure that Brad and I were pleased, and I just want you to know that we are extremely pleased with all the additions and the "torturing" of the plans ( mud bench, completely changing the kitchen, altering the front, etc) that you spent countless hours on, thank you. You are extremely talented and your attention to detail is beyond impressive.

Kurt- Our home is gorgeous, and I absolutely adore my glazed cabinets in the kitchen (it looks like it came out of a magazine). I truly appreciate all that you have done for the home and I am proud to tell people that Sun Custom Homes built our home and we love it, thank you.

Steve- It's hard to put into words how pleased Brad and I are with your work. You came in mid way through the project but always treated it as if you had been there since day one. You have accommodated Brad and myself with not only our time line but our requests ( sometimes my ridiculous requests) . I could not be more impressed with your work ethic, your emotional intelligence, and your abilities. Thank you for everything.

Brad and Brittany Mueller

After losing our home in a fire we faced the daunting task of finding a quality builder in a short time. SUN Custom Homes built a home for some very dear friends of ours. Our friends were so pleased with their home that they used SUN to build a home for their mother. After our first meeting with Kurt, we knew why our friends were so impressed with SUN Custom Homes. From the very start we were treated like more than clients. We had found a special group of people that treated us though we were family.

With Kurt providing the vision, Keith deploying his special skills in getting the most "bang for our buck", Kathy gently leading us through the maze of choices we had to make, and being a pretty fair "referee" in the few instances we "disagreed" on something, and Jerry, "the magic man", using his special wand of wizardry to make everything come to life. This is the true "dream team" that made our dream home a reality!

For building our dream home, and for acts of human kindness shown to us by everyone at SUN Custom Homes, we will always be grateful. Thank you, we love you.

Randall and Rachael Ramsey

A close friend of mine recommended my wife and I consider using Kurt and SUN Custom Homes to build our new home. After our initial meeting with Kurt and Keith, we were convinced SUN was the right choice for us. The thoroughness and attention to detail throughout the process was amazing. Kurts ability to help us understand the different options and possibilities was instrumental in achieving our vision of a beautiful new home. Keith personally ensured the construction stayed on schedule and the few issues were quickly resolved. Even after closing, Keith has quickly resolved the few minor issues. The professionalism, dedication and friendliness of the entire SUN team was outstanding! My wife and I are totally thrilled with the appearance and quality of our new home. If we ever had to build again, we would definitely use Kurt and SUN Custom Homes and highly recommend them to our friends.

Russ and Stacey Blasing

Nearly two years after meeting Keith when Heather and I were beginning to think about building our fist home, we finally decided to make the decision to begin building. Along the way, we met with other builders and always knew in the back of our mind that we wanted SUN Custom Homes to build our home. There was an instant feeling when you met with Keith and later Kurt, that you know they were going to go to great lengths to satisfy your wants and needs. These guys did not disappoint.

Thanks to their team we were very hands on with choosing our layout and everything we wanted to go into the home. If we ever had a problem, Jerry was there in a heartbeat to take care of it.

When you drive through our neighborhood (Lake Woods), you can easily point out the homes that SUN created because of how amazing they look and their attention to detail. We are very proud to be a part of that.

If we are ever fortunate enough to build another home in our lifetime we will not hesitate to contact SUN to build it. There are no other options in our mind. Thanks for everything guys!

Randy and Heather Pogue

To Kurt Dinnes March 13, 2011

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to you and your staff at Sun Custom Homes. I met Kurt through some friends of mine during a relocation visit through my company. It was at this time that Kurt and I talked about purchasing a home in the OKC area. The next week Kurt took my wife and me to see some of his homes at the Lake Woods addition. It was at this point we were so impressed by the style, luxury and quality that somehow I knew we would be working with Kurt on our new house. Trena and I looked at many homes after that, probably 40 plus homes throughout the 2010 calendar year. After what Kurt had showed and taught us, we decided to stop wasting our time. We moved in December 28th. We have been on cloud nine ever since. We feel like we are on vacation here on the lake, in our Sun Custom Home. We have had, without a doubt, the best customer experience from the start to finish. Kurt, Keith and Lance are just a phone call away to answer our questions and provide assistance when needed. I recommend to any future home buyers to sit down with Kurt or Keith and see for yourselves what we had experienced.

Dano and Trena Warming

From the first encounter we had with Kurt and his team, we were impressed by the organization, interest and thorough manner in which they approached our project. They listened to what we wanted in our home and took great pains to create the "atmosphere and feel" we were hoping for. We were kept involved at every step of the process and had almost daily contact with Kurt and the project manager in regards to our construction process. Six months into our home and we would without question use Sun Custom Homes again. It was a truly enjoyable experience, from planning and the initial phases right through to the final touch ups after we had moved in. The professionalism, energy, and expertise we experienced cannot be understated. We are thrilled with our home and would highly recommend Sun Custom Homes.

Brett and Shea Krablin

After making the heart wrenching decision to relocate and leave the home that our children were raised in, we truly feel that we were led to SUN Custom Homes for a reason. Just talking to Kurt on the phone made us feel like we were heading in the right direction. And after meeting with Kurt and Keith for the first time in the office, we knew we were making the right decision selecting SUN to build our new home.

We were very much hands-on with the entire project. The whole staff was receptive to our wants and needs. Kurt has an amazing vision and is a stickler to detail. Keith worked hard to get the very best for every dollar, and Lance jumped through hoops to pull it all together. Everyone on the project was amazing at their craft and soon we had a beautiful home to move in to.

Even after we closed on the house and moved in, SUN Custom Homes kept in close contact and made sure everything was just as we wanted. Any little problem that came up was quickly taken care of. Keith stood in the dark, holding a flashlight and helping dig to find a water leak that had occured in the sprinkler system. That is just what kind of people they are. It is very obvious that building houses is not just a business to them, but building homes for families is their passion.

Thank you SUN Custom Homes

Neal and Jeanne Cody

In choosing Sun Custom Homes, we had an advantage. Knowing them for years, we knew about their work ethics, honesty, eye for detail and much more. We knew for some time that if we were ever to build, they would be our choice.

We weren't disappointed. They made every step an enjoyable experience.

We couldn't be happier!

Phil and Luelsa LaRue

We absolutely love our home! Sun Custom Homes worked closely with us in making changes and incorporating our ideas and offering several of their own into an existing floor plan to make the home uniquely ours. Kurt is a great listener and has a fabulous sense of design. We worked closely with the team from start to finish and they were gracious to listen to our concerns, critiques, changes and ideas which aren't always welcomed by other builders.

As our friends and family enter the home, they are blown away from the entrance to the patio. There are so many features they love and never fail to mention which features are their favorites. They concur we have received an exceptional home for the money.

We also value the home warranty process that Sun Custom Homes implements. They were diligent in contacting us after 30 days regarding any repairs, paint touch ups, etc. that were required. We handed them our list and they went to work on completing the projects to our satisfaction.

We value our relationship with the Sun Custom Home team and consider them a cut above the rest.

We want to thank you for making our dream home exactly that: a dream!

Mark & Toni Ehrhard

If I were building tomorrow, or at any time in the near future, Sun Custom Homes would be the first and the last company that we would call. The crew at Sun is outstanding from the moment you meet them, even two years, eight months and 30 days after we closed, I can still call either Kurt or Keith and I can expect a call back within the day from either of them. Outstanding is what they do best.

Our build was our first for my wife and I, and they treated us like family and never once tried to slide something by us given our newness to the home building process. I truly believe my wife's stubbornness about holding out for the "right house to come along" was due to an insight she had that we just hadn't found the right builder yet, until we met Kurt and Keith. We were very hands-on with our home and were very meticulous about details that we wanted and did not want in the house. We made them work hard to achieve what we perceived as our perfect home. However, now that I look back, I don't think we "made" them do anything. They worked hard because that is how both Kurt and Keith are wired. They are very respectable, well-grounded good 'ole boys; and I commend them for these values.

Sun Custom Homes saw our vision of what we envisioned the final house being, and they did what it took to make it happen because they take an intimate pride in what they do. The first time I met both Kurt and Keith, Kurt was showing a model house they had just finished; and Keith was there, down on his knees helping one of the contractors finish out some of the final details. The memory of this now makes me smile because once getting to know both of them and realizing they are both the invested partners in the company, seeing Keith was getting his hands dirty to complete the project made me very proud to know that they took such pride in their work. Meticulous to every detail, 100 percent satisfaction was their only acceptable answer. If we weren't happy with something, we sat down and resolved the issue; no B.S.

Now, I know this comes across as they hung the moon; and yes, we did have a few issues here and there, but that is the building process. Never once did they let us down. When the tile contractor flaked out on us in the middle of the project, they had a new, better crew in there the next day. When we had trouble picking our wall colors, their paint contractor spent over four hours with us painting samples on the walls, explaining colors and what complemented what the best. Even after we had closed and moved in, months later we had an issue with our AC and hot water tank; they never batted an eye and had crews out to correct the issues.

It would be an honor for us to build with them again. We just need to keep saving because the next house they build for us is going to be twice the size of the one we have now! Thank you guys for everything, and we look forward to seeing you at church and in the future to build our next dream home!

David and Nikki Sterling

It was a really big thing for us to build a home. Lori and I have thought about it for several years and knew that one day we would put it all together and build our dream home. We weren't sure how it would come together but we knew that it would!

On a chance meeting we ran into Kurt Dinnes who was gracious enough to personally take the time to show us one of his custom homes. The wheels were in motion for us! It didn't take long for me and Lori along with Kurt to come up with a game plan...and what a game plan it was!

In a short while we were breaking ground and dreaming of what was going to be our new home. Like anything that is custom, it takes work - nothing is easy - but, with Kurt overseeing all of the pertinent details of our "wish list" it all came together and exceeded our expectations; and quite frankly, it even gave Kurt a double take on how well it all turned out!

We are living our dream! Thanks to you, Kurt, and Sun Custom Homes for making it happen.

Tony Mayse and Lori Boren

I had heard horror stories about building a home and since we were building here and living in Japan, I was doubly concerned about it. However, with Sun Custom Homes the experience was one that was enjoyable and fun. We came in to make selections on brick, flooring, carpet appliances and counter tops. They were most helpful in all aspects of the planning and all other stages of building. They even finished the house a month ahead of schedule. They did not run way over cost estimate as many constructions do.

I also have to compliment them on the speed with which they handled things that came up after we had moved in. They were right there to fix whatever we found that needed some adjustment or repair, just as they promised they would be.

Betty Ruth White

We chose Sun Custom Homes to build our house in the Creeks at Wimberley in 2006 after much research and discovering they are one of the few builders who use a footing foundation in all their homes that you normally see in larger custom homes. Kurt and his staff were excellent to work with and gave us a lot of amenities for our money. We had such a good experience that last year we had them build my mother a home in Creeks of Wimberley II.

Randy Parsons

SUN Custom Homes made our building process so easy. It was our first home to have built and I couldn't be happier with our home. Kurt, Keith & Jerry were so very attentive to our wants and concerns. We really felt like they were on our side and getting us the best home for our money. I will most definitely refer any friends and family that are looking to build to SUN. Furthermore, we will use SUN for any and all of our future home construction needs. Thanks again, guys!

Garrett and Robyn Flowers

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